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The Cleantech Innovation Park brings business and science together and offers space for new ideas in the field of sustainable mobility and innovation. Become part of the most powerful innovation network in the Bamberg region and help shape the future.

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The shareholders of Cleantech Innovation Park GmbH: (from left) Thomas Söder - Mayor of Hallstadt, Christian Metzger - Michelin, Johann Kalb - District Administrator of the Bamberg district, Peter Keller - Managing Director

Create the future with us!

"On the site of our former tire plant, we now want to create a hub for clean green mobility and innovation together with our partners. In doing so, we want to be a lighthouse project for the transformation of the German automotive industry."

Christian Metzger, Michelin shareholder of Cleantech Innovation Park GmbH

What is to be created?

A lighthouse for transformation

The Cleantech Innovation Park in Hallstadt offers companies, universities and research institutions an attractive environment where they can network and conduct practical research on future technologies in a neutral location.

The research activities focus on  

  • Clean energy and new drive technologies,
  • sustainable and resource-efficient production,
  • artificial intelligence and digitalization, and
  • lifelong learning.


On the site of the former Michelin tire factory, a hub for green technologies of the future is being created. 

The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is the place for companies and universities to carry out research and development projects.

Flexibly divisible workshop halls offer the players plenty of free space to develop future technologies and make them marketable.

Space for creativity and networking in the Creative Forum

Work in creative working spaces and make use of the existing network or the transformation advice provided by technology transfer managers. The Creative Forum forms the basis for companies, universities and institutes and also offers sufficient space for the area of "lifelong learning". 

The advantages

Modern working environments

Flexible space division

Faster realisation of projects

Faster processes in R & D

No unnecessary costs

Facilitate access to funding

Good traffic connections

Latest technologies

Networking opportunities

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The future is already here

At the Cleantech Innovation Park you can work on your projects in a state-of-the-art environment. Benefit from the large network and advance your projects.

Get new ideas during a walk through the park or a time-out in the cafeteria. 

Next steps

We have a lot planned! The demolition of buildings on the site has been completed. At the same time, preparations for the construction of the Innovation Centre are in progress. The estimated completion date is fall 2024. First collaborative projects in the Innovation Centre may start in the same year.

Construction of the Creative Forum is scheduled to begin in 2025.

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