3rd MINT field trip

Last week, we welcomed for the third time over 100 students for their MINT (mathematics, informatics, natural science, and technology) field trip to the Cleantech Innovation Park. Supervised by leading companies from the area, the students were able to try out exciting technologies such as electrics, pneumatics, and vehicle technologies. 

Students constructing a go-kart together with the company Brose

Getting out of the classroom and working on MINT practical projects

For the third time, 8th-grade students from Hirschaid, Stegaurach, and Scheßlitz seized the opportunity to participate in our MINT field trip to explore their interests in the field of MINT in 90-minute workshops. Supervised by the companies Brose, Bosch, and Wieland Electrics, the adolescents were able to experiment with several exciting technologies. Be it in the construction of go-karts or the assembly of electrical and pneumatics circuits: the companies’ trainees and training managers offered their expertise and support throughout the activity. Thanks to the excellent support from the companies, the adolescents quickly familiarized themselves with the new technologies.

Feedback on this third round of the MINT field trips was positive throughout – both from students and teachers. Students particularly enjoyed the opportunity to experience MINT topics in real life.

Another school year to experience MINT in practice

We are happy to once again be part of the MINT initiative as part of our thematic focus “lifelong learning”. Coordinated by Bildungsbüro Landkreis Bamberg, the project is a part of the region’s MINT network which introduces students to MINT topics, and thus aims to counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

Impressions of the MINT field trip with companies Bosch and Wieland Electric