Markus Söder und Prinz Constantijn visiting Hallstadt

Launch of a Bavarian-Dutch fieldlab initiative (Machinery of the Future)

from left: P. Keller, T. Söder, J. Kalb, M. Huml, M. Söder, Prinz Constantijn, C. Metzger

The Cleantech Innovation Park is increasingly developing into an exchange and innovation platform for companies and science from the region and beyond. Minister President Dr. Markus Söder was convinced of this during his visit to Hallstadt, where he learned about various projects that will be implemented in the Innovation Park in the future. On this occasion, the Minister President himself gave the starting signal for one of the projects: together with the Dutch Prince, Constantijn of Orange-Nassau, he opened a virtual exchange platform. This platform is intended to pave the way for Bavarian-Dutch cooperation in the development of new types of machinery.

Around 150 guests took advantage of the 1st Network Reception at the Cleantech Innovation Park in Hallstadt to exchange ideas on artificial intelligence, drive systems and cutting-edge green technologies.